Blanket care. Understanding how to care for wool, down and silk.

Favorite blanket is so warm and cozy... It is a savior from the cold, a protector from drafts, it relieves stress and fatigue, takes away the hardships of the past day, relaxing and immersing you in the world of dreams. Airy down, luxurious silk or warm wool - let it last as long as possible!

A blanket needs to be properly cared for as it is done for a pillow. Correct care will significantly increase its service life, retain all valuable qualities.


This is the most popular natural filler for all bedding. It is difficult to replace the warmth and cozy softness of down products with anything. Many appreciate them for their splendor, which is so pleasant on a winter night, because you can comfortably wrap yourself in such a blanket, creating a weightless cloud around you.

How to care for such a duvet? Delicate and soft, airy fluffs require care. And with proper care, models based on goose down will last about twenty years.


  • Down is a natural material, so the product must be cleaned and dried so that microorganisms do not appear in it. With regular cleaning and airing, the blanket will be fresh and will not lose its valuable properties.
  • It can be washed in a washing machine, but very carefully - on a delicate cycle and at a temperature not exceeding 30°. After that, dry thoroughly. Try to wash down products less often and preferably opt for dry cleaning.
  • Shake periodically! When you whip the elastic fluffs, they are filled with air. The volume and splendor of the blanket is given precisely by the air that is between the fluffs. The more air, the fluffier it is.
  • Delicate duvet must not be bleached or use aggressive detergents.
  • Down products should not be stored in places of high humidity, the storage place must be dry and ventilated.
Duvet "Kaiser"


Models filled with silk fibers is a luxury gift given to us from nature. Such blankets have amazing properties: they are hypoallergenic, good for health, create a comfortable microclimate for a sleeping person. And of course, silk is very soft, delicate to the touch. Lightweight silk models are well breathable and absorb moisture, they are able to maintain a comfortable temperature for the sleeper in any weather. The composition of the fibers created by silkworms contains useful substances produced by them: wax, amino acids, sodium, potassium.

This useful hypoallergenic filler requires careful handling. Silk blankets are one of the most valuable ... and at the same time finicky to care for:

  • They cannot be washed or ironed, it is harmful for the finest, delicate fibers, as they are deformed.
  • Silk is only suitable for dry cleaning.
  • Since it has a natural filler, it is recommended to ventilate the blankets and allow them to dry naturally.
  • Sleep accessories based on silk should not be stored in sealed vacuum bags, only in ventilated boxes or cases.
Duvet "Infinity"


Sheep or camel wool warms well, it is also good for health. People knew about it many centuries ago and even then, they used woolen capes and bedspreads for comfortable sleep and relaxation. You won’t freeze under such a blanket, but it’s not hot under it either - the wool gives off healing dry heat, and doesn’t let you get tired. It is suitable for all seasons. This filler has a positive effect on the general condition of a person, normalizes blood pressure, and relaxes muscles.

A woolen duvet also needs careful care:

  • It cannot be washed at home. Wool is laid in layers, when washing in a washing machine, these laid layers can go astray, the product is deformed.
  • That is why only gentle dry cleaning is suitable for wool blankets.
  • And of course, no bleach is applicable to these natural fibers.
  • Approximately once a year, a woolen blanket should be aired outdoors. Do this in dry weather so that the product does not absorb moisture.
  • When storing, it is better to use air-permeable, leaky bags or boxes (made of natural fabrics, cardboard). Since not only people love wool, but also moths, so do not forget to put an insect repellent in the bag.
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