The warmth of natural wool. Review of blankets for the off-season.

Duvets made of wool are ideal for the cool and rainy off-season. It is already hot under a lush and very warm comforter, and under a light summer one (silk, linen, cotton) it still can be cold. In this case, it is worth considering versatile models with natural wool inside.

Valuable properties

To make duvets, two types of wool are mainly used - sheep and camel. Less common is the soft down of cashmere goats. This is a rare and very valuable filler that is used for premium models.

The healing properties of wool have been known for a long period of time. What are the benefits of wool duvets?

  • Thermoregulation. Such a duvet warms well in a cold room, but also does not allow you to overheat under it.
  • High hygroscopicity. Wool perfectly absorbs moisture, giving off useful dry heat.
  • Healing properties. Wool, especially camel, is good for health and well-being. Lanolin and organic substances that it contains have a beneficial effect on the skin and muscles, improve blood circulation, promote vasodilation, and activate metabolism. Camel hair helps in the treatment of colds, joint pain.

Merino fleece

There are several duvets with the best types of selected wool in Togas collection. For example, the filler of the "Lyra" model is a soft white fleece of New Zealand merino. Today Merino sheep are considered to be the owners of the best wool among sheep, thin, soft. "Lyra" perfectly absorbs moisture and "breathes", this is a good option for an all-weather duvet. It is quilted with a special anatomical stitch developed by Togas. The cover is made of dense natural cotton of high quality.

Camel Noil

For these duvets, Togas uses not just camel hair, but the delicate undercoat of one-year-old camels. In spring they are combed out by hand, getting from 3 to 5 kg of fluff-undercoat. The gentle fluff of a one-year-old camel is good for health, it is very soft and thin. In addition, it does not cause allergies or irritation.

The Togas collection has two models based on camel hair - "Maestro" and "Viento". Their difference is the fabric of the covers. The beautiful jacquard case "Viento" combines natural silk with high quality cotton. The fabric is silky, soft, with a slight sheen.The cover of the "Maestro" is made of dense textured jacquard cotton.

Duvet "Viento"


Cashmere is an exclusive type of wool, more precisely, it is a white undercoat of a rare species of wild cashmere goats that live in the highlands of the Himalayas. The harsh climate and cold winters have created a special coat of these animals: its length reaches thirteen centimeters.

Cashmere is famous for its combination of opposite properties: the amazing lightness, almost weightlessness of cashmere goat down, along with its incredible warmth and softness. Another important quality of products based on cashmere down is that they are completely hypoallergenic.

Luxurious model "Celesta" is a valuable cashmere in a delicate cover made of natural silk. To fill the duvet, the thinnest, softest and lightest white down-undercoat of cashmere goats is used, which is combed out by hand in the spring. This is a premium product, light and warm at the same time and is the best option for the off-season.

Duvet "Celesta"

Storing wool blankets

Spring and autumn quickly pass, frosty winter or hot summer sets in. If you need to remove your comforter and replace it with a warmer or lighter one, natural wool products will come in handy.

  • Wool does not tolerate dampness. The duvet should not be placed in a poorly ventilated or damp area. It might damage it.
  • For the same reason, it is not recommended to store the product in a plastic bag without air access, so that it does not “suffocate”, an unpleasant odor does not appear.
  • When storing, you need to take into account one nuance - in fabric cases or bags you need to put a moth repellent, which wool “loves” very much.

And let on a rainy dank autumn or a windy spring evening, when the heating has already been turned off in the apartment, your cozy, warm woolen clothes will warm, relax and give you a healthy sleep.