Trends-2022 in Design and Textile décor

The advent of the New Year is a new design, new ornaments and shades. What is relevant now: unusual, revolutionary or good old classics? And what trends should you pay attention to this winter?

Let’s take a look together.

Natural shades

The steady trend towards the use of natural materials in interior design and the now fashionable eco-style enhance the popularity of the natural palette. Not flashy, synthetic, catchy, but noble, with slightly muted tones. Natural shades of foliage and sky, all colors of the earth — from ocher to brown and taupe, gray gamma, warm golds — the color of golden champagne, straw, sand.

Soft natural colors create calm, relaxed mood in the room, allow you to relax after a busy day, fill the space with air.

Bedding set «Pallada»

Animal prints

Animal prints have been popular over the past few years, and this winter they are not going to leave the scene. Textile decor uses fabrics that resemble the skins of rare animals: tiger, leopard, zebra, as well as the pattern of the skin of various reptiles — from crocodile to python. Monochrome and in muted tones, in bright saturated colors and with a blurry effect — such prints are used in the design of various home textiles: bed linen, decorative pillows, towels and bathrobes.

The trend for animalistic patterns is perhaps a desire to add the spectacular beauty of rare animals to everyday life, and a reminder of the vanishing world of untouched nature.

Bedding set «Selisa»

Textile: combination of several textures, fringe, ombre

Velvet with cotton, linen with organza or velour with leather trim — unusual and spectacular solutions. Such textures complement each other and create original combinations. It is interesting to combine fabrics of different density, embossed and smooth, as well as natural and synthetic materials. Different types of fringe, long, lush, ornate, become an actual addition to home textiles as a finish.

Gradient transitions or ombre technique are one of the interesting latest trends. Change of shades with blurring of color will make any textile and decor items special.

Flowers and more flowers

Floral themes in textile design do not lose their position, floral prints do not go away, they are still in demand. Small flowers or large expressive graphic petals, floral prints made in watercolor technique or imitation of oil painting, delicate flowers in the style of miles of fleur — a scattering of small petals on the canvas. Flowers and plants on the wallpaper, on the fabric of bed linen, bedspreads and curtains.

Bedding set «Peonia»

Letters and logos

Designers of fashion houses have been using slogans, letters and combinations of words for more than a season. In 2021, randomly scattered letters on clothes, complex words and whole phrases have become a new solution.

And what becomes popular on the catwalk, comes to interior design. This winter, the play on words and letters can be seen on home textiles, including the Togas collection.

Throw «Emogi»

Colored and embossed glass

If you suddenly want to update a set of glasses this winter or decorate your house with glass decor items, then you should choose colored products, glass with a matte surface or original relief. Ribbed glasses, colored glass in the style of Murano masters, stained glass compositions are a truly gothic beauty.

The Togas collection has beautiful Federico glasses made of shining crystal. They impress with their original handcrafted design. The lower part of each glass is decorated with a relief geometric ornament with expressive edges.

Glass «Federico»