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Комплект полотенец Тогас Приве

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Towels "Togas Prive? " from Prive? collection.
composition: 100 % modal density of 600 g/m2 .
Color : gray and white .
Options: 4 items ; towel 50x100 - 2 pcs. , 100x150 - 2 pcs.
Details: set of multicolored towels with etched pattern of high quality Terry cloth border decorated with Togas Prive? logo.
Care: wash with liquid detergent at a temperature no higher than 60 degrees at moderate speeds in water saving mode without the use of conditioners. Tumble dry at low and medium temperatures. Do not bleach.
Accented elegant sets of towels "Togas Priv?e” from 100% modal-is the model of the highest quality and refined taste. Tenderness and delicacy of grey-white colors in combination with strict geometric shapes and simplicity of execution is a hymn to luxurious perfection. Touch the perfection ... Incredibly soft modal fabric with the luxury of every touch.
Modal is 100% environmentally friendly cellulose. it is produced without the use of any or chemical impurities, so is hypoallergenic. Products of modal exclusively hygroscopic: they absorb 50% more and faster than cotton, they are almost weightless and at the same time have a high density. Just a touch to the skin - and moisture will disappear by magic... Towels are soft and silky even after repeated washings. This softness is achieved by the smoothness and elasticity of the modal fiber, rather than chemical means. therefore, modal towels do not require the use of fabric softeners and conditioners.


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