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Одеяло Эксклюзив пух белого гуся в шелке

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Описание товара


“Down in Silk” duvet from Exclusive collection.
composition: case - 51% silk, 49% cotton; filling - 100% white goose down.
Product info: cluster duvet, classic style of confection, double stitching, filled with natural white goose down.
Color: ecru. size: 140x200, 200x210, 220х240.
Includes: 1 duvet.
Care instructions: it’s necessary to plump up the down duvet every day and ventilate at times. Use the duvet cover. Keep loose ensuring free airflow, out of direct sunlight. Don’t press. it’s recommended to dry clean in a laundry specialized in down products cleaning, or gentle wash at temperature 30-40C using mild detergents or special shampoos for down filled products. Use washing machines with load capacity of 5-7 and more kg. it’s possible to wring and dry in washing machine (30C drying mode). Dry outspread in a well-ventilated place or outdoors, plumping up at intervals.
there is nothing as precious as sleep: it’s a real “factory of health”, elixir of youth and beauty, in which we plounge every night, escaping from the whole world in a silk cocoon… “Down in silk” duvet is made for you to flutter out of it as a beautiful butterfly - every morning. Luxurious white goose down enveloped in a finest, but durable silk - a royal pivilege, real decoration of your bedroom…
Down has exceptional heat insulating properties: one fluff only 0,0025 - 0,0045 g in size may retain more air than any other material on Earth. Every fluff is made up of thousand subtle fibres, radiating from the bottom of its: they are highly flexible and keep warm air close to bird’s body even on the move. Down duvets are all-season: they might be used at any time of the year. Down is elastic, it smoothly gets back to its normal shape after compression and doesn’t loose its filling capacity over a number of years.
Silk the divet case is made of has amazing properties. Pure silk is 97% natural protein and contains 18 essential amino acids, that's why it favourably affects skin, stimulates metabolism. On top of that, natural silk has antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties.
“Down in silk” duvet is a luxurious gift for those who appreciate every moment in sleep…


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