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Aromatic Diffuser BRAVE LEGEND

Togas House of Textiles
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Composition: dipropylene glycol methyl ether acetate, fragrance oil, dipropylene glycol methyl ether
Includes: Aromatic Diffuser-1
Fragrance: Citrus
Fragrance composition Instruction for use
Top notes: black pepper, grapefruit, lemongrass
Middle notes: coumarin, geranium, lavender, nutmeg
Base notes: cedar, coconut milk, moss, vetiver
Instruction for use
Remove all packaging before use. Place the diffuser on a flat, stable surface. Carefully remove stopper cap from bottle. Place cotton stick in bottle. The sticks will absorb the fragrance oil, diffusing the scent. Allow 24 hours for full fragrance effect. To accelerate the process, invert the sticks after 1-2 hours. Repeat to refresh scent as needed.


Keep out reach of children and pets.
Do not ingest (may be harmful if swallowed).
Avoid contact of oil with eyes and skin as it may cause irritation. Any spills should be cleaned immediately.
Do not place bottle, cap or sticks on fabric or finished surfaces as the fragrance oil may damage them.
Flammable, keep away from heat, naked flames and other sources of ignition. Avoid unnecessary contact. Do not light sticks.
Please retain this information for future reference.


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