Happy Mother's Day from Togas!

There is nothing quite like a mother's love. For many of us mothers played a very big role in shaping us into the people we are today.

So on this special holiday we would like to help you show your mothers how much you cherish them, and let you know about the latest offers on our products.

The first of this year's Mother's Day deals is on slippers that come in a wide selection of colors and sizes. Another way to help your mother rest lavishly and comfortably this holiday, is to treat her to something special from our collection of homewear, which includes Togas finest robes, kimonos, pajamas and more.

Homewear IZOLA

The last of our holiday offers is for aromatherapy products such as candles and diffusers.

Some products are meant only for professionals to carry out deep cleaning, while some can be machine washed on a weekly basis.

Aroma candles and diffusers

Togas would like to share our specials with the women who do such an amazing job at making others feel special, so for a limited time all homewear, slippers, and aromatherapy products will be 30% off for Mother's Day.

We put a lot of love into every product we design, and want to help you extend this love to the people you care about. This week we are focusing on mothers, but our variety of products can be befitting of any important person in your life.

For now though, we hope that our products will make your mother's feel just as warm as they've made you feel over the years.

Togas once again wishes you the Happiest Mother's Day!