Textile window treatments. Modern trends in design

Home textiles fashion is fickle. Home textiles trends in interior design change faster than any other trends in furniture design or flooring options. But there are new materials and technologies that impact the window treatments trends.

So what are the best window treatment ideas? Let’s look at some recommendations from Togas Custom Product designers.

Natural materials and hues

Eco-style interior design with its abundance of natural materials has taken over window decor. Curtains made of eco-friendly natural fabrics, linen or cotton, are making waves now. Drapes made of shining silk are a more expensive option.

If you lean toward practicality and prefer easy-care fabrics (for example, natural silk is sensitive and capricious), go along with curtains from mixed fabrics imitating natural material textures, such as a linen texture. A combination of natural and synthetic fibers creates the best properties of products for routine use.

This style encompasses both natural fabrics and a natural color scheme — the real linen tone, beige, Ivory, gray, cream and other pale colors: leaves and grass, earth, rocks, water and sand.

Prints and ornaments

In addition to solid models with raised textures (linen, velvet, jacquard), large geometric ornaments, contrasting stripes, as well as ethnic motifs in prints are trending. Designers suggest applying different ethnic motifs both in drapes and tulle. They may refer to the bright East and colorful Indian ornaments, a variety of embroidery in folk style, imitation of reptile skin.

The new Ornament collection from Togas Custom Product offers a DAZZLE FUMA model featuring elements of ethnic Missoni-style patterns on jacquard.

Another intriguing trend is accenting heavier textures that imitate concrete, frescoes, mosaic, marble or decorative plaster.

The Ethereal and Ornament collections from Togas Couture offer new jacquard curtain fabrics playing with unusual surfaces — Venetian plaster, marble, mosaic and canvas.

  • KEEN – coarse linen texture.
  • ETHEREAL – imitation of a gorgeous natural marble pattern.
  • VENICE – a gorgeous material with original decor resembling Venetian plaster or raindrops falling on glass.
  • MAZE fabric – a reference to Byzantine mosaics with its characteristic golden iridescence.




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Another popular design solution for window textile treatments is applying translucent prints that resemble a blurry watercolor drawing.

Eschewing complex forms, lambrequin curtains and multiple layers

Lush, heavy lambrequins and swags, fringes and ruffles are left only in classical settings or rare baroque interiors with their flamboyant decor and gilding. Modern home is about simplicity of forms, straightforward lines, absence of complicated decor. The appeal of drapes is created by the lush folds of the fabric, striking texture and interesting color combinations.

Wooden or metal blinds are giving way to compact roll-up structures. Roman shades, a suitable option for various rooms like children's room, kitchen, bedroom, study are becoming more and more popular.

Window decor is a real art that requires knowledge of interior design and properties of fabrics, understanding of color combinations. Properly selected curtains, tailored to meet a client’s unique needs, will create a special atmosphere in a house, a unique interior look.