Togas: Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! Togas would like to celebrate this special day by taking the time to introduce you to Sensotex, our latest innovation in all natural fabric. Sensotex is made using eco-friendly eucalyptus fibers. These fibers are infused with a solution created from an algae extract, from the Ionian Sea, called "Kefalis". This solution actually increases the silkiness and strength of the fibers and even reduces the likelihood of shrinkage when washed.

Kimono NAOMI

There are no pesticides, chlorine-containing substances, or any other chemicals used in the cultivation of our eucalyptus. The materials for these fibers are also produced using a completely organic solvent, and 99.5% of that solvent is reused. This means that we have created a closed-loop system that results in almost zero-waste, and also significantly cuts down on the use of power and water throughout the production process, unlike materials such as cellulose and cotton.

Sheet NOES

Using all-natural materials in our products comes with many benefits. The high thermal insulation of eucalyptus fibers results in the natural release of moisture. This essentially means that the material "breathes" in order to regulate temperature, and provides you with a more comfortable and calming rest. Our eucalyptus fabrics can also help people who suffer from breathing problems. Products that contain cellulose fibers typically contain chemical traces that pollute both air and water, and can be harmful to the environment. However, since our Sensotex does not contain such chemicals, wrapping yourself in one of our products, made with these eucalyptus oils, will leave you feeling like you can breathe easier, and feel more refreshed all around.

This Earth Day we want to remind everyone around us to take care of this beautiful and wonderful planet, however possible. Take pride in the environment you live in, the Togas way.