Tassel tieback Italian lace 21.316/2B




Unspeakable sensation of absolute protection and warmth… in this duvet, you can go to outer space - and feel like in the idyll cosyness of your peaceful bedroom.
Thinsulare is a synthetic swan's down, microfiber which is 50 - 70 times thinner than human hair. it's name is self-explanatory and made up of two words: “thin” and “insulation”. This material was first manufactures in USA to be used in space suits. Thinsulate is very elastic and crushproof, it perfectly holds its shape. Thanks to microscopic size of the fluffs, thinsulate retains more air than any other filling наполнитель, and this ensures excellent heat insulation while sleeping. Synthetic swan’s down is hygienic, hypoallergenic and functional: thinsulate products are easy to use and care and don’t lose their shape after a number of years.


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