The beauty of colored glass: Following the master of Murano

Colored glass is brightness and radiance at the same time, multi-colored sparks from a stream of light passing through it. Glasses, vases and candlesticks made of colored glass are still popular and do not give up their positions. This bright and at the same time sophisticated decor decorates not only the classic setting, but also modern interiors — from the loft to the Scandinavian style.

Shining multi-colored glass fascinated people in the Middle Ages, in the stained-glass windows of beautiful Gothic cathedrals. The light that entered the temple through the high windows was filled with colors, the drawings in the stained-glass windows came to life and filled the souls of people with thoughts of God and divine beauty.

Masters of Murano

The colored glass we still use in our homes — chandeliers, glasses and vases — comes from the medieval Republic of Venice. Centuries ago, the craftsmen of Murano, one of the islands in the Venetian lagoon, discovered ways to create beautiful pieces of colored glass. Glassblowers of the heyday of the Venetian state strictly kept the secrets of their production, enjoyed honor and privileges, were not only respected, but also had the right to pass off their daughters as representatives of the upper class.

During the Renaissance, this amazing colored glass had high demand and was very expensive. And even now, its unusual combinations in handmade masterpieces attract tourists to a small island, where you can not only buy something for yourself, but also watch the amazing process of creating multi-colored shining products by the master and blowing plafonds from liquid glass using a long tube. The craftsman rolls the form created from glass in multi-colored glass crumbs and ... the motley colored glasses or vases characteristic of Murano appear.

Externally, Murano glass resembles precious stones, plays with bright colors. These are rubies, emeralds, sapphires, turquoise and amber, which are intricately mixed in ornaments created by hand by glassblowers. Each product is unique, has a unique pattern and iridescent overflow of color.

Colored glass in the interior

The recent popularity of stained glass and bright stained glass came at the beginning of the 20th century and the graceful Art Nouveau era. Tiffany’s masterpieces of stained-glass art also belong to this period, including his famous stained-glass lampshades.

We are on the crest of a new wave of stained-glass popularity. In the coming year, the focus will be on glass decor items and dishes made in rich colors. Colored novelties also appeared in the Togas collection, and not from ordinary, but from crystal glass: «Lax» и «Dormer».

Glasses «Lax» of an elongated shape are made of shining crystal. Such glasses are more durable than glass and less heavy than crystal. The original design of «Lax» — repeated embossed colored edges, created by hand. The purplish lilac and smoky gray shades, as well as the elegance of these glasses, are reminiscent of the products created by master glassblowers from the famous island of Murano. In the «Dormer» line there are two glasses of the same shades, but a slightly different shape, classic.

Glass «Lax»

Decor items and glassware are fragile and vulnerable. But perhaps that is why we are drawn to decorate the house with this radiant, as if ghostly, beauty, which fills with different shades a ray of sunlight that has fallen on a colorful surface. Or perhaps this is the admiration of our ancestors, hidden deep inside, who first saw the multi-colored stained-glass windows in a Gothic cathedral and was speechless from an inexpressible sense of beauty.