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Quality Control


Togas is a Greek company with a centennial history. We started our journey back in 1926 in Athens. Nowadays, we manufacture and sell our products all over the world, and constantly cover new areas.

For almost a century, we have been applying the best world practices in all areas of our activity, whether it is design, production, trade, or customer service. We at Togas do our best to make our products as environmentally friendly as possible and to reduce the carbon footprint down to the minimum.


QC Worldwide is a division of our R&D center Togas Innovations in Athens. This is where our quality standards are developed and employees are trained. After the training, they control all the stages of production at local factories.

Each of the 30 product groups has its high standards as well as specially selected factory locations. They are optimally suited to the supply chains of raw materials which are needed for the production of particular products.

The selection and certification of factories that produce Togas products are carried out by European specialists of the QC Worldwide team in accordance with over 80 parameters.

On average, the process of certification of a factory takes 1.5 years.

in Greece

We invest a lot of resources in order to be confident in our partners and their competence.

Togas UAE

UAE World

In addition, Togas also produces textiles in the UAE. Thus, we use the most efficient ways to deliver Togas products of unsurpassed quality to all countries where the brand is represented.

In addition to certification, it is extremely important for us to follow the strategy of optimizing logistics processes and sustainable manufacturing. That is why we create local production in the countries where Togas has the maximum presence.

«What does always stay constant?
The quality of our products, of course»

Kostas Togas

We work at dozens of factories in Europe, Asia, and North America in order to serve local markets, as it is technologically important to process many exclusive materials locally.

Togas started as a production. Over the past hundred years, we have built and developed many factories across Europe, Russia and Middle East.

We know everything about it

We treat our customers with the utmost respect and gratitude and work tirelessly to ensure the high quality of our products. They should not only give joy and a sense of comfort but also be reliable and durable.

Nowadays, the localization of production is considered to be one of the best world practices. Its successful implementation depends on the highest quality standards. By combining our vast production experience and modern management methods, we develop and apply unified quality standards in all countries where excellent Togas products are produced.