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As a pioneer in the textile realm for over a century, Togas has brought luxury, refinement, and impeccable style to homes and venues worldwide. We at Togas only use the highest production standards for all our products and pour our passion into crafting pillows that embody the highest standards of quality and comfort.

Explore our wide range of luxurious pillows, each meticulously tailored to cater to your specific comfort needs. With three distinct levels of firmness and fillers ranging from down, down alternative, silk, to wool, we ensure a perfect match for every sleeper type, whether you're a back sleeper, side sleeper, or somewhere in between.

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  1. Pillow ROYAL Pillow ROYAL
    Pillow ROYAL
    Down - Ultra light siberian white goose
    From $277.00
  2. Pillow ZEN Pillow ZEN
    Pillow ZEN
    Down alternative - Microfiber
    From $104.00
  3. Pillow INFINITY Pillow INFINITY
    Pillow INFINITY
    Down alternative - Mulberry silk
    From $370.00
  4. Pillow NOBILIS Pillow NOBILIS
    Pillow NOBILIS
    Down - Austrian white goose
    From $997.00
  5. Pillow SELENA Pillow SELENA
    Pillow SELENA
    Down alternative - Tussan silk
    From $305.00
  6. Pillow HELIOS Pillow HELIOS
    Pillow HELIOS
    Down alternative - Microfiber
    From $134.00
  7. Pillow ILBAMA Pillow ILBAMA
    Pillow ILBAMA
    Down alternative - Sensotex
    From $175.00
  8. Pillow ORBIS Pillow ORBIS
    Pillow ORBIS
    3D microfiber in cotton batiste
    From $148.00
    SENSOTEX® filler in SENSOTEX® fabric
    From $185.00
  10. Pillow HARMONIA Pillow HARMONIA
    Pillow HARMONIA
    Down alternative - Silk & Kapok
    From $139.00
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What does it take for you to get your beauty sleep? In a modern era of hectic schedules and endless to do lists, having the right pillow could make or break your perfect night’s sleep. Togas offers a wide range of luxury pillows, made with the highest quality fabrics and fillings—produced at our state of the art facilities in Greece.

Our wide range of pillow sets comes with a variety of fillings including Down, Wool, Silk, SENSOTEX®, Milk Fiber, and Microfiber fillers. Each of these fillers offers a different benefit. Depending on preferences of temperature, durability, and firmness, every individual will have a different preference.

For example, wool—whether it be sheep, goat or camel—is one of our most popular fillers. Wool is one of the most breathable materials, and even has antimicrobial properties. It is also great at absorbing moisture, and is odor-resistant—which is particularly great if you are a pet owner.

SENSOTEX ®, absorbs and controls moisture, helps stem the growth of bacteria, and is utterly soft to the touch. We would recommend SENSOTEX ® filler to anyone who prefers an extremely soft and fluffy pillow to one that is firm and offers a lot of neck support. Microfiber is another popular filler that does offer firm support and also retains heat extremely well, and is thus perfect for use during the colder months.

Whatever filler you choose, you can always make your pillow set yours by dressing it up with Togas pillowcases that come in a variety of designs and styles. And don’t stop there—Togas offers a whole range of bedding sets that will provide the perfect accent to your bedroom.

Once you’ve found your perfect pillow, buy it online, or visit one of our stores for an in-person consultation and help with any other interior design needs and questions.