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A quality luxury duvet is what makes the perfect bed. As you mix and match and assemble the ideal bedding set just for you, consider Togas’ wide range of options for your duvet selection.

Our designer duvets and comforters are made in Greece, Austria and Germany, using the best modern techniques and fillers. You can choose between an Austrian goose down, SENSOTEX ®, microfiber, wool, silk, or milk fiber filling. Whatever option you go with, you you can be sure that you are getting maximum padding for warmth and durability. For your comfort, we also offer a variety of quilted comforters, so you can pick what style suits you best.

Ultimately, a duvet set is an investment. Choosing the right weight and filling is of utmost importance—you want a model that will keep you warm in winter, cool in the summer, and last after years of use and washing.

For a firm and warm duvet, we recommend choosing wool filling, which can be sheep, goat or camel wool. This classic option is antimicrobial, excellent for keeping moisture away from the skin, and is even odor-resistant—a huge plus for anyone who owns pets!

Austrian goose down—a Togas specialty—is one of the most luxurious fillers we offer. The feathers are hand selected, and hand stuffed into the duvets, so you get the softest and most durable filling, that stays fluffy and warm for years.

Other innovative options, such as SENSOTEX ® and microfiber are also excellent options. Offering durability, softness, antimicrobial qualities, and remarkable heat retention.

Whatever filling and weight you choose, add a little color to the bedroom by dressing up your duvet with Togas selection of duvet covers—available in the highest quality fabrics and a range of pretty designs. All of our duvets and beautiful bedding sets are available to buy online, or in-store at any of our luxury locations around the world.