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For almost 100 years, Togas has been a pioneer in textiles, bringing luxury, refinement, and impeccable style to homes and venues around the world. We at Togas only use the highest production standards for all our products—our impeccable quality, therefore, is a guarantee.

Explore our collection of luxury bedspreads, meticulously crafted from premium fabrics like silk, cotton sateen, sateen jacquard, rayon, and Sensotex®.

Our large selection of exquisite bedspreads features timeless classics alongside modern designs with a contemporary edge. We provide exactly what you need for a restful night’s sleep.

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  1. Bedspread ALFABIA Bedspread ALFABIA
    Bedspread ALFABIA
    violet, Sensotex eucalyptus fiber, polyester
  2. Bedspread CASELLI Bedspread CASELLI
    Bedspread CASELLI
    the shade of the sea wave with golden, polyester
  3. Bedspread SIMON     Bedspread SIMON
    Bedspread SIMON
    smoky ivory, cotton, polyester
  4. Bedspread set MILENA Bedspread set MILENA
    Bedspread set MILENA
    Regular Price $56.00 - $100.00
    Special Price $36.00 - $64.80
  5. Bedspread set VICTORIAN Bedspread set VICTORIAN
    Bedspread set VICTORIAN
    Regular Price $46.00 - $78.00
    Special Price $30.00 - $50.40
  6. Bedspread set ART DECO Bedspread set ART DECO
    Bedspread set ART DECO
    Regular Price $54.00 - $761.00
    Special Price $34.80 - $494.40
  7. Bedspread ART DECO Bedspread ART DECO
    Bedspread ART DECO
    Special Price $494.40 Regular Price $761.00
  8. Bedspread LORETTA Bedspread LORETTA
    Bedspread LORETTA
    Special Price $298.80 Regular Price $460.00
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Put together the perfect bedroom by mixing and matching with Togas’ wide range of bedding sets—available in a variety of palettes and fabrics.

Every Togas bedding set offers bedspreads and bedspread sets that will add to the design of your dream bedroom interior. All Togas products are designed and crafted by our team in Greece—where we draw our inspiration from the beautiful nature that surrounds us, as well as the centuries-old traditions passed down from one Togas generation to the next.

Considering our wide range of designs and styles, you are guaranteed to find something that suites your desired aesthetic. From classic and romantic motifs, to simple Scandinavian modern designs, Togas offers something for everyone. What’s more, every Togas collection comes in a range of quality fabrics and colors—so you can really customize your space.

Quality is extremely important to us. Each of our products are designed, sourced and produced in Europe, where we can really control the quality of our output. Togas’ luxury bedspreads are available in a range of styles and textiles. From cotton and polyester blends to sateen jacquard fabrics, you can find the perfect piece that feels utterly soft to the touch, and wonderfully accents your bedroom space. We also take care to craft fabrics with a high thread count, so you can be sure that your bedspreads will last for a long time, even after years of use and washing.

Having trouble putting together a bedroom interior that feels true to you and your personal style? Togas has teams of designers who specialize in creating elegant and beautiful interiors, and we are always ready to help you with all of your design needs. Check in online, or stop by one of our stores to learn more about private design consultations. The perfect interior is out there, and we will work together to find it.