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  1. Pillow ROYAL Pillow ROYAL
    Pillow ROYAL
    Down - Ultra light siberian white goose
    From $259.50 Regular Price $300.00
  2. Pillow CALYPSO Pillow CALYPSO
    Pillow CALYPSO
    Down - White goose
    From $218.25 Regular Price $219.00
  3. Pillow KAISER Pillow KAISER
    Pillow KAISER
    Down - Mazurian white goose
    From $526.50 Regular Price $984.00
  4. Pillow NOBILIS Pillow NOBILIS
    Pillow NOBILIS
    Down - Austrian white goose
    From $895.50 Regular Price $1,080.00
  5. Pillow ARTEMIS Pillow ARTEMIS
    Pillow ARTEMIS
    Down - 3D Siberian white goose
    Special Price $264.00 Regular Price $286.00
  6. Pillow AURA Pillow AURA
    Pillow AURA
    Down - White goose
    Special Price $121.50 Regular Price $142.00
  7. Kid's pillow ROYAL Kid's pillow ROYAL
    Kid's pillow ROYAL
    Ultra light siberian white goose down in cotton batiste
    Special Price $135.00 Regular Price $160.00
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Goose down pillows are a classic solution for fans of comfortable rest on lush and light bedding – they are ready to give comfort and a deep pleasant sleep to us. Models from Togas are made from high-quality goose down of birds of the best Northern breeds.

Traditional down pillows, airy, delicate, whipped into a light cloud, give pleasure from their luxuriance and softness during sleep. This natural filler has the ability to hold a large amount of air around it, while creating a kind of thermal insulation shell. For all its softness, down also has elasticity, so it can quickly restore its shape. Familiar products based on goose down perfectly support the head and neck of a sleeping person.

Our range

We use mainly the down of famous Siberian geese, which allows you to create comfortable and lush products. For premium models, selected down of Austrian and Masurian goose breeds, the softest and most delicate, is selected. The collection of down pillows is an interesting model-transformer, which allows you to adjust its elasticity and height.

If you want to buy a pillow in our online store, pay attention to the cover. Cotton options will appeal to connoisseurs of traditional solutions. For most models, cotton-batiste is used, a delicate and at the same time dense material that reliably holds even the smallest fluff inside the cover. The softness of silk fabric will appeal to real esthetics, in addition, silk has natural antibacterial properties, relieves stress, and has a good effect on the skin.

Product care

With proper care, goose down pillows can last you more than 20 years. To maintain cleanliness, do not forget to periodically take them to the dry cleaners. To keep the pillows fresher, air them regularly in the cold or dry them in the sun. And keep the pomp and softness as long as possible with daily whipping.