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With over a century of pioneering excellence in the textile industry, Togas has elevated luxury, refinement, and impeccable style in homes and venues across the globe. We adhere strictly to the highest production standards, infusing every product with our unwavering passion for quality and comfort.

Discover our wide range of luxurious comforters, meticulously crafted to meet your desired temperature preferences. Available in sizes ranging from single to King size and beyond, our comforters feature the premium fillers like down, wool, or silk, ensuring a blissful night's sleep tailored to your needs.

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  1. Comforter LOTUS Comforter LOTUS
    Comforter LOTUS
    Down alternative - Silk & Linen
    From $270.00
  2. Comforter HARMONY Comforter HARMONY
    Comforter HARMONY
    Down alternative - Silk & Kapok
    From $516.00
  3. Comforter SELENA LIGHT Comforter SELENA LIGHT
    Comforter SELENA LIGHT
    Down alternative - Tussan silk
    From $571.00
  4. Comforter ARTEMIS Comforter ARTEMIS
    Comforter ARTEMIS
    Down - 3D Siberian white goose
    From $591.00
  5. Comforter ROYAL Comforter ROYAL
    Comforter ROYAL
    Down - Ultra light siberian white goose
    From $646.00
  6. Comforter ILBAMA Comforter ILBAMA
    Comforter ILBAMA
    black with white and grey-green,eucalyptus fiber SENSOTEX® 400 ТС
    From $670.00
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