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Founded in Greece during the early 1900s, the Togas Group of Companies has been a pioneer in quality textiles, bringing luxury, refinement and impeccable style to homes and venues around the world. At heart, we are a family company. For almost 100 years, expertise and passion for the textile industry have been passed down from one generation to the next. While tradition and heritage drive the Togas process, our team is always seeking new methods and inspiration—always striving to innovate our designs and business.

Togas is proud of its history and Greek heritage, but we are a global company with offices in Greece, the USA, Russia, China, UAE, Turkey, India, and other counties. We manufacture our products around the world, adhering to the strictest environmental standards and guidelines. Through our work we endeavor to innovate the textile market by developing new and revolutionary styles and materials. Silk, cotton, stonewashed organic linens and lyocell are but a few of the extensive fabrics that our customers can choose from.

Using the highest quality textiles, we collaborate with partners and suppliers to create a full range of beautiful products for the whole house. Our designers are always inspired by global collaborations, and many of our products feature motifs from the countries and cultures that we work with.

Togas develops unique and cohesive interior design concepts that are manifested through a full assortment of bedding, terry products, table linen, decorative accessories, houseware, curtains and home fragrances. Moreover, providing exceptional bespoke service with made-to-measure fabric collections for our customers is our top priority.

Discover our world of design and luxury by visiting one of the 140 Togas boutiques located around the globe.

For almost a century, Togas has earned the confidence of its customers by creating products that excel in quality, beauty and style. As a company, we cherish our rich tradition and heritage, yet are always seeking to innovate and offer the very best in home textiles and decor.

Our philosophy is based on family values. Utilizing the invaluable knowledge that has been passed down from one generation to the next, our team has been able to grow the Togas brand, bringing our products onto the international stage for luxury home and textile design. With every stitch and detail, we realize our passion and develop elegant products that represent the finest quality.

The Togas team works hard to execute our elegant aesthetic in a variety of collections, enabling our customers to seamlessly mix and match according to their own personal style. By incorporating a cohesive color palette with a wide range refined styles, we invite our customers to imagine a world of possibilities, and create the perfect design for every corner of the home.

Togas House of Textiles is one of the leading brands of the Togas Group of Companies, featuring over 3,000 products for the entire home in 140 retail boutiques around the world. Creating rich and artistic interiors is our passion, so we’ve developed an extensive product range of bed linens, curtains, duvets, pillows, terry products, table linen, decorative accessories, home fragrances and baby collections, that enable our customers to find the perfect design elements to complete their home.

The Togas family has been working in the textile industry since 1926, a period that saw the subtle elegance of Art Deco. Our boutique interiors celebrate this heritage, incorporating Deco motifs into modern designs, and reinventing vintage looks to suit the contemporary customer. Always endeavoring to bring unique, trendsetting, and innovative designs to our collections, the Togas in-house design team uses only the highest production standards for all of our products—our impeccable quality, therefore, is a guarantee.

At the forefront of Togas boutiques around the world is our customer service team. Vastly knowledgeable when it comes to our product range and the principles of interior design, our boutique assistants work one-on-one with customers to capture the aesthetic that suits every client’s individuality. Our goal, here at Togas, is to make your dream home a reality. Because when we are surrounded by a home of unique beauty, we live beautifully too.

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With more than 57 retail boutiques around the world, Togas Custom Product is another leading brand of the Togas Group of Companies. From the home to large scale design projects, Togas Custom Product offers bespoke service for both individual customers and professional designers, crafting the most beautiful and elegant textiles, furniture and interior elements.

Our in-house design team utilizes Togas’ century-old weaving techniques to create exclusive, high quality fabrics. Whether it be made-to-measure bespoke tailoring, or professional design consulting services, Togas Custom Product has the team and the expertise to help you realize your vision of a beautiful interior and home.