Choosing curtains for the interior

Curtains for interior or interior for curtains? What do you think about the textile decoration of window in your favorite living room or bedroom?

Usually curtains are selected according to the interior, style, design or palette. Textile decor becomes the final touch and puts an end to the remodeling of the room: a major repair or a simple repainting of the walls and changing the range of shades.

How can I choose textile decor for windows? It can be combined with furniture or be contrasting, but complement the interior, look organic in it.

According to the color of the walls

If you have a laconic interior in soft, comfortable tones (for example, the gray-beige scale that is currently relevant), and you choose plain curtains, you can choose the color of the fabric from the same palette as the walls. It is better to choose a slightly darker or more saturated tone so that the curtains do not merge with the wall. In this way, you can easily buy fabric without help of a designer and without agonizing thoughts about how the new curtains will be combined with the whole environment.

If the room does not have plain wallpaper or paint on the walls, but instead it has a bright wall, It will be interesting to have curtains that complement it with colors or has the same design elements. For example, on the accent wall there is a lush tropical ornament, and it is also on the fabric of the curtains, but only in a more muted color and not so large. With such a repeating pattern, the interior of the room looks complete. Many large manufacturers immediately offer companion fabrics for wallpaper, which is very convenient.

For upholstery and shades of upholstered furniture

Often curtains are selected for upholstered furniture in the living room or textile upholstery (headboard) of the bed in the bedroom. Window decor in the colors of upholstered furniture is a classic combination that creates an interior “with history”, reminds us of the atmosphere of the Victorian era, where the curtains repeated the upholstery on sofas or armchairs. Curtains can echo the furniture with an ornament or complement it with color. If the upholstery is bright enough or colorful, with a pattern, then they can soften this brightness - for example, it can be the same shade, but more muted. A rich ornament can be repeated only with contours, sketches, and elements.

In the bedroom, it is easiest to choose curtains for a soft textile headboard. The material can be the same color or a similar shade from the same range. If the curtains are not plain, like the head of the bed, but with an ornament, then the shade of the textile upholstery can be repeated in some elements of the pattern on the fabric.

Ideas for kitchen

An interesting idea for decorating a kitchen is to choose textiles for a tile apron. This, of course, will look advantageous if the apron with some kind of ornament is bright, original, and not just white. Although a textured white apron can be combined with a white curtain fabric with the same interesting texture.

You will have to try to decorate the window with curtains, on which the apron ornament or its elements are repeated. But it's worth it. This combination looks interesting, unusual, will “enliven” the kitchen and will attract attention. An easier solution is to repeat the colors of the tile pattern on the fabric.

Curtains plus bedspread in the bedroom

Classics for the bedroom is a combination of shades of bedspreads and curtains and decorative pillows. This creates a complete interior look and the room looks harmonious. If you want to save time and effort or are afraid to make a mistake, you can immediately buy curtains with a bedspread. Many manufacturers offer them as a set, which makes it possible to decorate the bedroom quickly and without any difficulties.

July 14, 2022