Comforter Sovereign
Grey Canadian goose down in silk
The comforter 'Sovereign' is a premium-class product made from the down of Northern geese. The down is characterized by its high degree of elasticity, due to which it quickly restores its volume after compression. A comforter with such a down is very warm and comfortable. The special design of the product ensures the durability of the duvet and pleasant tactile sensations during sleep. A golden edging is sewn along the perimeter of the comforter.
The comforter is made of grey Canadian goose down. The fluffs of these geese are especially large and lightweight; they have high heat capacity.
Filler properties
Goose down is characterized by the ability 'to breathe'. These geese are not bred in a commercial scale reaching the highest possible size, which makes their down very soft.
grey Canadian
goose down
fill power
FP 800-850 Fill Power 800-850
Fill power
The fluff clusters are quite large (FP 800-850), which comes to prove the high quality of the duvet.
The cover of the comforter is made of mixed fabrics: a combination of silk 19 mm and cotton-batiste 370TC. Silk is beautiful, very pleasant to the touch material, which also has positive effect on health. Cotton securely holds the fluff inside the product.
100% cotton
300 TC
down proof
100% cotton
300 TC
down proof
If one sleeps with layers of blankets, then comforter 'Sovereign' suits them. This is a warm winter duvet that creates a perfect microclimate in the bed.
Attention to every detail
The filler of this comforter is made of grey Canadian goose down. Living in the harsh northern climate, the down of these geese is especially warm and lightweight. It is carefully processed and sterilized, what makes the duvet hypoallergenic. The duvet cover is made of mixed fabrics: a combination of silk and cotton-batiste. The cover securely holds the fluff inside the product and at the same time ensures comfort in the bed. The silk contains proteins, 18 essential amino acids that aid in stress reduction.
Mansur Matchanov:
chief product manager
European certificates
The quality of 'Sovereign' comforter is confirmed by the European Oeko-tex® certificate


The duvet Sovereign is filled with premium down of grey-bellied brent geese – Canada geese. The down of these birds, grown in harsh northern conditions is especially warm, voluminous and yet very light.
It has exceptional filling power and preserves the heat better than any other filling. Brent geese are not bread on an industrial scale, so their down goes through a full development cycle, reaching the maximum possible size. Clusters of down are large enough, of FP 800-850, which is an indicator of the highest quality. A duvet filled with such down is very warm and cozy.

The Sovereign’s cover is unique: it stands out for its double design. The upper layer is made of 100% silk while the inner – out of the thinnest cotton batiste. The cover perfectly secures the precious down inside and also provides the comfort during sleep.

Natural silk is a delicate, pleasant fabric that is also beneficial for health. Silk fibers consist of protein by 97% and contain 18 good amino acids including glycine that reduces the stress level.
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Do not wash
Do not bleach
Do not iron
Dry clean
Do not tumble dry


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