Togas history

For almost 100 years the Togas family has been at the center of the textile industry, extending from 1926 to the present day. For nearly a century, textile expertise, innovation and tradition have been passed down from generation to generation, always creating products with passion and with the utmost attention to detail while endeavoring to use the highest quality fabrics and materials.

Apart from Togas’ popular hand-drawn floral, classic and geometric designs, the Art-Deco motif is also typical and represents a part of the Togas Company heritage.

1926 - 1st Generation

After the end of WW1, the young and talented Ilias Togas moves to the heart of Athens from Arcadia, a region in southern Greece. Ilias founds a small atelier at the dawn of Art Deco epoque. He establishes himself as a tailor specialized in Greek Army officers’ uniforms. The high quality craftsmanship made Ilias Togas well known throughout Greece. It only took him a few years till almost all Greece’s officers ordered their woolen frock coats from the atelier with the Togas name above the entrance.


WW2 comes to its end and Ilias Togas marries Katerina Schik, the daughter of a famous textile-manufacturing dynasty of Austrian origin. The love match between the two led to the union of the two businesses. In this way Togas combines production with retail and by adding the professional bespoke expertise a unique family business empire is established, “Togas”.


Ilias Togas acquires his own factory fully equipped with embroidery machines. As one of its kind in Greece, the factory also starts to produce and specialize in embroidering the Greek Army military badges with intricate and fine craftsmanship. Togas is directed by Ilias Togas for the following 20 years.

1975 – 2nd Generation

In the early 1970s Athens born, and sons of Ilias, Pavlos and Dimitris Togas, inherit the family business. The brothers decide to extend and expand the company into the home textile industry. They use the recourses of the factory and the embroidery machines utilizing their knowledge and expertise handed down to them by their father. Home textiles has been the core business of the family ever since.


The Togas Group of Companies begins to develop at a fast pace, expanding its business and becoming more comprehensive. The range of home textile products becomes more extensive with the production of hand made curtains, pillows, throws, bed linen and terry products. All of these become a benchmark of perfect quality for the company.

1995 – 3rd Generation

The family story continues with the arrival of Pavlos’ son, Kostas Togas, to the business where he initiates the expansion of the Togas sales network to a new Russian market. The first mono-brand boutique retail store opens in the center of Moscow, in the prestigious GUM. It was the first step taken towards the building of an unprecedented, a unique distribution network in the region.


Togas Group of Companies, with Kostas Togas strong at the helm, founds the company in-house research and development (R&D) bureau in Athens, Greece. A team of passionate professionals determine and define the unique and creative style of the Togas brand, always ensuring that the Collections stay fresh and on trend. Taking inspiration from the current fashion and interior trends, culture, art and always the heritage of Togas itself. The mix of expertise, creative spirit and artistic intuition are the force, which preserves the Togas Company’s authenticity and reputation.

Since 2017

Togas Group of Companies now stands high in the global textile industry with factories world-wide, and offices located in Greece, Russia, China, Turkey, UAE, and India, providing a unique, custom-made service in its large network of boutiques. The company employs more than 1,750 people around the world and operates 140 boutiques and 57 bespoke couture interior boutiques. The assortment ranging in all areas of home textile amounts to 3,000 articles, selling and manufacturing an average of 3,200,000 items a year. The Togas team continues to strive in creating the reality of a dream for every place we may call our home and passionately working on further developing of the company, while always remaining faithful to the family’s founding principles of quality, craftsmanship, innovation and attention to detail.